Monday, June 9, 2008

Owl in Mrs. Jane's Yard

The name of this owl is a Javanese owl.
It is at Tangerang, Java, Indonesia.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jordaan In the Pool

On the sixth of May, 8:50 am,

Did you know what hapened?

We were walking around the swimming pool and playing with the water, when suddenly, Jordaan, our track editor fell into the swimming pool.

He was standing really close to the water.

He was not cheerful about it, but he was fine.

It was very laughable at first.

He fell into the deep part of the pool.

He felt shocked when he fell in because he did not expect that he will fall.

When he fell in, he was wet until the top of his shirt.

He got it dry by ironing it.

He was really not happy about it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

JPEG interview

This is my office clothes for the interview.
I chose this clothes because it was the tidiest.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Bookweak Character

Hello, I am the evil queen.
I am from the story of Snow White.
I am so angry that Snow White was the prettiest, so I became this ugly witch and made a poison apple for Snow White to eat.
When she ate the apple and fell on the floor, it made me very happy that she was dead.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Heartline Radio

On Wednesday, 2nd of April, I went to visit Heartline Radio 100.6 FM. The Heartline Radio is in Karawaci so it was very far from school. It took 3 hours to go there.

When we arrived, we were divided into 3 grups. In every grup there are seven people. But in one of the grup there are eight.

After we are divided, we went inside a room grup by grup. We are going to see an anouncer. The anouncer answers calls, and lots of other things.

After every grup went inside already, we had lunch and then, went inside another room where we met mr.David Lee and miss Carly. We learned how to speek in an anouncer's voise. We also learned how to talk in the radio.

After that, we had on air activities. We are talking about what job we are going to have for JPEG radio and why we think we will be good at that job. We came in the studio three by three because it was a small room and there are three microphones. It feels a little scary, but it was fun after you try it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to My Blog

Hi,Welcome to my blog. My name is fiolisya. My birthday is on the 15th of June. It is the same as my moms birthday, so we celebrate our birthday together. The day I was born is on Tuesday. The year I was born, was in 1999. At my house, there is so much paintings because I like to do painting so much. I am in grade three class now. My friends are very nice to me, and they are friendly to everyone. My very best friend is Samantha, but for short we just call her Sammy. she is twins, with Jessica, but for short we call her Jessy. There is also a student in my class that has the same name. The name of my school is SPH. I have 3 sisters and they are helpfull to me. I am so happy to have a family like them.

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my pet Honeyberry

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Bagi Saya, Organisasi adalah:

Sekelompok orang yang bekerja sama untuk mengatur dan menghasilkan produk, aktivitas dan juga untuk merancang keuangan.

my UOI reflection

This unit, our topic in UOI is Say What. In say what, we are learning about communication tools. We asked 100 people about what communication tools they use to communicate to other people. We made a presentation about different communication tools. We also learned about radios and look at a podcast about radios and how radio station work. after listening to the podcast, we made a toy radio and find the signal for the radio. We made a podcast called giggle cast. We call it giggle cast because there are so many jokes that are really funny. We also add our new years promise. A new years promise is a promise that you will do at that year and what we did at the field trip to Pasar Rawa Bening. We also add the famous 5 questions and the famous 5 chapter summery. We also made a podcast for our reflection about what we did in math, bahasa Indonesia, the letter for our perents and the road signs. We learned about graphs, and made a pie graph and picto graph for the 100 people survey, and also about favorite foods. We did bloging, and we learned how to change the template, and also learned how to put a picture into our blog. We read an e-book for reading log, and it is also part of english. The e-book was about the famous 5. The famous 5 e-book has 17 chapter, and one chapter was very long. So it takes time to read all of them. When we are finnished with the famous 5
e-book, we read an e-comic. the e-comic was about Scoobydoo on the beach and they found a sea monster. We also learned about internet safety, and played a game called surfs well island. Surfs well island is a game about safety and tells us that if you have a handphone that can conect to the computer, your handphone can get a virus. It also tells us that it is not safe to put your full name in your blog. We also played a game of the famous 5, that is also part of the english lesson. The famous 5 game is to find the treasure at kirrin island. We also learned how to use print screen and jpeg. the activity that I like the most was blogging and internet safety.

A picture is showing


My Holiday For 2008

On 2o March, we had a holiday unil the 30 of March. During the holiday, I made kites with my father. We made a normal kite, and a butterfly kite. When we try to fly the normal kite, it was stuck on a tree branch. So we sowe have to cut the string and tide a new string. The next day, my sister visits. But before she came here, she invited me to go to Pondok Indah mall. She came there mith taxi, because her husband is going to take us home. My mother took me there but she went home again. When she went home, we made a sand art together. Then, we went to the cinema to watch Horton Hears A Hoo.The part that I like about the movie is when Horton the elephant tried to cross the bridge and when he was on the middle of the bridge, the wood that was behind him fell down. Then when my sisters husband arrives, we did another sand art. After that, we went looking for shoes. We also went went looking for a swim suit, because I was going to the
Water Boom. We found the swim suit in the place where we bought the shoes but we can't find the shoes for me, so we just went home. On Saturday, the 29 of march, we went to Water Boom. It is called The Jungle. In The Jungle, my favorite thing to play with is the slide that you ride with a floaty. The float has two handles for you to hold. When the slide ends in to a pool, it is abit of a crash, so yoiu have to hold on tight. There is also a tunnel, that goes around. In the tunnel, there is a splash of water every time. When we are having lunch, the lace has water around it. So the chair is under water. We can also swim while waiting foor the food, because the place to eat is inside a swiming pool. The Jungle is my favorite place for me to go on a holiday.

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Heartline Radio

On the second of April, we wen't on a field trip to Heartline Radio Station in Karawaci for the whole school day. On the bus, we play with games because we are allowed to bring ellectronic things, but we have to responsible for it. When we arrived, we ask questions about their jobs, and after a while, we did on air activities. For the on air activity, each of us talk one by one in the studio, but we came in three by three because there are three microphones. After we did on air activities,we wen't back to school, but we are back to school a little late. We are supposed to go home from school at 2:40, but arrived at school at 4:00. It was fun to go to a radio station.

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